Details on airdrop and snapshot

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2 min readJul 6, 2022

Fellow campers, it’s getting a lot more vibrant here in Selenian Basecamp. We thank you for the support and we wanted to take this opportunity to answer questions regarding the airdrop and snapshot.

As previously mentioned in this article, we’re planning for an airdrop for partner chain users and Selenian Network’s early adopters.

To provide more information on what we mean when we say “early adopter”; wallet addresses used to create dAssets until the launch of Selenian Network’s governance token will be eligible for an airdrop. Kindly bear in mind that Selenian DAO and $SLN are scheduled to be launched in the 4th quarter of this year.

Regarding partner chain users, if you’re a $SCRT and $ATOM staker and/or wallet holder that can participate in these networks’ governance systems you’re eligible for $SLN airdrop.

We will create and share a file with eligible wallet addresses and we will share snapshot dates in the upcoming weeks.

We know market conditions are tough and we truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm! We’re working relentlessly to serve #IBCGang with the best decentralized finance experience, and meticulously looking into every detail to ensure we leave each and every member feeling secure and satisfied.

Please be informed that all of the above reflects Selenian Network’s current thinking and may be subject to change. Do not make any financial decisions based on this blogpost.

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